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Author Topic: Tesla Gives Model X Owners Free Sunshade On Request  (Read 1750 times)


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Tesla Gives Model X Owners Free Sunshade On Request
« on: June 14, 2016, 01:01:09 AM »

As has been discussed by some Model X owners and even mentioned in the Consumer Reports evaluation of the Model X, while the expansive panoramic glass windshield offers an amazing view for the driver and passengers it can also cause problems during times of extremely bright sunlight as the sun can beam down directly on passengers with the tint not able to cool or dim the light enough for some passengers.  By providing this sunshade the company has stated that 2/3rd of both heat as well as sunlight will be cut down fixing the problem.  The shade itself is a high quality mesh that is installed with the use of a couple of clips.  It folds away quickly and comes with a storage bag when not in use.  Installation Instructions walk you through putting the shade up and down.  Hopefully the company will offer a built-in shade or better yet perhaps an automatic or adjustable window tint on future models.  To be honest having driven in Model X myself recently I really liked the expansive panoramic view the windshield offers and having a bit too much sunlight seems like a cheap price to pay for the great view...still it's nice to have this shade when it's needed, especially if there are complaining kids involved.

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